Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling good!

This weeks weight update is: 169. That means I'm down 2 lbs since last week and 14 lbs over all. I'm really happy! My clothes are getting looser. I need to buy a belt soon or else risk showing the world my (mostly not-so-attractive) underpants. Or I could just buy prettier underpants.

The Victoza that the Dr prescribed me really did help a lot with my appetite. Unfortunately, my insurance isn't going to cover it enough to make it affordable for me. The Dr has changed my prescription to Byetta, which should be pretty similar in its effect on my blood sugar and appetite. I just started it yesterday, so I'm interested to see how it goes. The big downer with this medication is that it's a twice-daily injection. That's twice as many injections as the last medicine. Blurgh. Oh, well.

I've been doing well with the exercising thing. I've gotten at least 2 workouts in during the last week. I was a bit thrown off by the guys (hubs and son) having a 3-day weekend. I need to just keep repeating my new mantra: "NO EXCUSES". So, I didn't get in 3 workouts like I'm aiming for. Try harder next week. My diet has been decent, as well. Lots of fruit this week! And I am not finding the low-carb thing as painful as I thought I would. There's always room for improvement, but I'm feeling pretty good about what I've done so far. Most importantly, my blood glucose level has stayed consistently low.

And although I'm trying to not focus so much on the appearance-related aspect, it has been nice. I feel lighter. I like the way I look more than I did a month ago. I'm feeling more confident. I have a little more energy. I'm even standing up straighter. As much as I hate to admit it, the changes in my appearance are the biggest motivator for me. I want to see more! I want to look better! I want to feel pretty!

In fiber-related news, I finished the pink baby hat, added three heart-shaped appliques, and gave it away to some very appreciative new parents. I can't show what I'm working on now because it's a gift, but here's the finished baby hat:


Michelle said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. As a new diabetic it's nice to know someone really understand the lifestyle change required not to mention the mental/emotional side. ((HUG))

Leilani Snapp said...

Thanks for the comment, Michelle! The diagnosis sucks, but I'm feeling really empowered by making changes and taking charge instead of just being sad that I can't eat like I used to.