Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learning Curve

I'm finding it a bit challenging learning the Diabetes ropes, so to speak. All I know for sure right now is I need to avoid sugar, avoid carbs, and exercise. Cooper and I went for a bike ride today. It was about 4 miles. That doesn't seem like much, but my exercise level is pretty low right now. Due to the chronic pain in my abdomen, I've been really leery of doing much physical activity. Over Christmas, I went to Zumba with my mom and one of my sisters and I had to lay low on any moves that involved jumping or bending over too much. I just need to get over my mental block and do as much activity as my body allows. I've downloaded a couple of exercise videos, so I'll alternate biking, walking, and the videos. 

So far, I've found two good resources for Diabetic recipes and information. The first, surprisingly, is Pinterest. I'm already a Pinterest addict, but I am really happy with the results I got when I searched for Diabetic recipes. I've even found several other people with Diabetic-friendly food boards that I followed. The other resource is It is jam-packed with info and recipes. I've only just begun to explore the site and I can already tell that I'll get a lot of help from this site.

I'm hoping that these sites and others will allow me to see eating right for my health needs as a fun challenge and not as much as a frustration. I need to think about how much I CAN have instead of focusing on the stuff I CAN'T have. I also know that all of these changes will show in the way my body looks and that will likely help keep me motivated.

In crafting news, I bought a button-covering kit last week and I used it last night. So much fun! I made a bunch of pink and red ones, with the thought of combining them to make a Valentine's Day bracelet. I can't wait to make some earrings from a tie I have that is covered in pin-up images!

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