Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weighing In

I've decided that I will weigh in only once a week. I may check my weight other days, but the only day I'll record it is Wednesday. For the record, today I am at 175lbs. That is an eight pound loss for those keeping score at home.

I'm still plugging away, struggling to make the right choices. Part of the problem is that I don't know what the right choices are. My doctor told me to see a diabetic nutrition counselor, but didn't give me any guidance on where I would even find one. Living so close to the fourth largest cities in the country with one of the largest medical centers in the world, I knew that such places certainly exist within a decent distance. Luckily, one of my knitter friends happens to work in a healthcare-related job and was able to get me a recommendation for a place that looks great- Diabetes America. It looks like a fantastic place for all my diabetes-related needs and I already have an appointment for a week and a half from now. I'm also seeing my cardiologist next week.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to research what I should/shouldn't be eating online. It seems like something that would be easy, but it isn't really. After scouring the internet for a couple of weeks, I'm only marginally smarter about diabetic dietary guidelines than the average chimpanzee. I know that I'm supposed to avoid most carbs and extraneous sugar, but beyond that I'm a bit confused. I know I need to look at food labels, but what am I looking for? I'll just keep on guessing until I get to meet with the nutrition counselor, at which point I will again be able to go to the grocery store or a restaurant without freezing up or nearing tears.


Candy Adkins said...

Hey girl- watch out for CARBS! Your dietician should give you a plan for how many carbs/calories you should allow yourself for each meal, and show you what to look for on food labels. It's still a struggle to eat the right things, but having a guide will help alot.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I agree, carbs are the issue when it comes to diabetis, you can probably even reverse it if you make the right changes, check out my friend's blog, she eat's low carb and makes it look fun!

Also look in to new things, sign up for a 5k race! etc!

BTW 175 is awesome! keep it up!


Leilani said...

Candy, I know that carbs are a big deal, but I find conflicting info about that. For instance, some people swear off pretty much any carbs. Others can have carbs as long as they are whole grains. I need to find out how much and what kinds I can have and work from there.

HS, thanks for the kind words! I checked out your friends blog and I'm excited to read more! Your blog is interesting to me as well. My husband and I are trying to pay down our debt, too. A 5K race seems like a long shot at this point, but I've been better about exercising over the last couple of weeks, so who knows? Maybe in a month or two it won't seem like such a daunting goal!

Joyce said...

Check this out: